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Outdoor Tactile Nature Art

One of the most fascinating aspects of getting outdoors is the endless supply of sensory experiences and opportunities for our bodies to FEEL the world around us. These can be activities that regulate our proprioceptive (body awareness) and vestibular (balance) systems, such as running, jumping, and climbing or ones that stimulate our tactile (touch) senses like digging, drawing in the dirt and collecting plants, branches, nuts, rocks, leaves, and grass. Each and every sensory-rich, outdoor-based activity has it's place nurturing different aspects of development. One activity that's simple, fun, and creative is tactile nature art.

Children can utilize nearly anything from their outdoor surroundings to create an image, landscape, or design.

The end result of this activity is less important than the creative process, the planning involved, and the experiences interacting with nature through different tactile inputs. These types of activities require little preparation, and little cleanup- while also getting out of the house and utilizing nature as a means of play. This activity can be done individually, with help from others, or as a team. For larger groups, multiple art pieces can be made with truly endless possibilities.

For more creative ways to play outdoors check out the "OT & the Outdoors" page!

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Aug 07, 2020

Excellent through and through

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